Saturday, November 2, 2013

Looking Out For Number 1 - Or How to Choose a Great Insurance Advisor

Think about your present insurance. Do you have a great advisor or was it more a default selection?

By default, did you succumb to marketing strategy based on advertising or do you have a trusted advisor based on relationship?

Which do you think can help you best: nameless, faceless entity with "employee-du-jour" or someone who makes a commitment to be there for your family and business?

Unfortunately many folks don't realize the value of choosing an insurance advisor and fall prey to the marketing schemes that focus solely on costs. The upshot is that they become reliant on someone that doesn't properly understand their needs. How can you possibly expect someone to assess your needs unbiased when their focus is on cost?

You wouldn't schedule surgery with the cheapest doctor, would you? Your selection would be based on their credentials and trust In terms of protection, wouldn't you also want someone who is capable of satisfying those needs with your best interests at heart?

Choosing a great insurance advisor involves some key factors:

* Trust
* Represents more than one company
* Professionalism
* A good product at a fair price

People like to do business with someone they trust. If someone has been established in the community for a number of years, it means that they are doing something right. "Word of Mouth" is solid gold compared to the fluff of any marketing campaign.

There are two types of insurance agents: Direct Writers and Independent Insurance Agencies.

The Direct Writers are employees of an insurance company and only represent the products and services that their insurance company has to offer. Because Independent Insurance Agencies represent more than one company, they can give you more product and coverage options than direct writers. This is truly your "one stop" shop for making protection choices.

You want an agent who values their business through professionalism and honesty. Look for someone who has an ongoing commitment to insurance education as well as a proven track record. And remember, a good insurance agent listens to your needs and then shows you ways to meet them. Unfortunately, there are some agents hawking their goods ranging from those who are great salesmen/women with little product knowledge to those who know their product like the back of their hand! Cheaper isn't always "better".

A good insurance agent compares "apples to apples" not "apples to oranges" to give you the best value for your needs. Remember, you're choosing someone whose main job is to provide protection to your family. So it is vital that they are a knowledgeable professional whose focus is on your needs.

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